Hi, I'm Jess.


​I am a lover of love and adventure. I am a dreamer, artist, and slightly addicted to french fries. Give me a good location and we can get lost for hours. I love capturing the beautiful, hidden, fleeting, and often unexpected moments in life.

I started Jessie B Photo & Design LLC in 2020 but I've been a professional photographer since 2010. In that time, I have worked with a little of everyone from family and friends to musicians, influencers, and small businesses. I'm also an award-winning portrait photographer (with work featured in The Melanin Lens Magazine and View Bug).

Planning your new photoshoot is super exciting and maybe a bit overwhelming. Choosing someone to capture who you are through photography is a big decision. Its important you find someone whose work you LOVE - But I believe it is just as important you find someone who will bring out the best of who you are in your photos! Afterall - Your photo session is a reason to celebrate you - So you probably want a photographer who is fun to be around! Aaand you want to be captured beautifully and authentically - right?

That's where I come in

I had a really specific person in mind when I created Boss Babe Bootcamp. In fact, it was my sister! Jen came to me because she needed new headshots for her business but she was so nervous she was seriously ready to hire a professional model to stand in for her! It frustrated the hell out of me that she was feeling this way because Jen is a boss business owner and a baddie. So why was she feeling so insecure in front of the camera? That's when I made it my mission to help my sister (and anyone else who was feeling the same way).

Fast forward to today and Boss Babe Bootcamp has helped over 200 people show up as a true Boss Babe for their business. I am so grateful that I was able to help so many people! But I want to help you too. What are you waiting for? Download my free guide Boss Babe Bootcamp so you can learn to become confident af on camera too.

I've been featured in

“Issue 1”

“Viewer's Choice Award”



“Jessie B Photo is Simply Amazing. She made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. She [understood] the concept I had in mind for my baby shower, and had a plan set for the direction she wanted and executed it so well. I want Jessica at all my events from now on. She's The Best!”


How did you get started doing photography?

I fell in love with photography as a kid playing around with my big sister's polaroid. When I was 12 my dad bought me my first SLR film camera and I brought it everywhere; capturing the beautiful, hidden, fleeting, and unexpected moments in life. I learned the importance of composition and skill while capturing my life in film, 35 shots at a time.

My love of photography really took off in 2007 when I became a mom. I couldn't stop taking pics of my baby girl! But I always pushed myself to get better. In 2008 I bought my first professional DSLR and I was excited to get out of the darkroom and into Lightroom!

By 2010 I knew I wanted photography to be my career. I joined groups and online forums, read everything I could get my hands on and watched as many YouTube tutorials as I could find. Then I played around with my camera and practiced until I started getting the results I was proud of.

And that's it really. I just learned by reading, watching, and doing... and making a lot of mistakes along the way. But I'm so glad I never gave up!

Do you have a question?

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Do you have a question?

Vix ut utinam feugait. Eu scribentur liberavisse nec. Dico fugit nostro cu pri, no putent nemore mel, ius at minim molestiae.